What is Zaragusta?

Zaragusta is an idea which has become reality. It is a wink to the city of Zaragoza and its patrimony. It is a project which goes beyond teaching the beautiful things of the city, it is a way to look at the streets, the places, the churches, the sculptures, the restaurants, the parks, the bridges, the buildings, the people but also to discover a part of history which is still there.

The name Zaragusta started from a play on words between the Roman and Christian name of the city, but also looked for “like” with this name (“gusta”), we want you to click as if it were a logo of a social network, we are looking for complicity between you and us during the visits.

Who are we?

We are professionals who combine the artistic and touristic profile that is why our team is composed not only of graduated in Art History but also of graduated in tourism. But a degree doesn’t make sense if you are not adding to it the passion to believe in what you do, even if many times we are thought to be idealists, often because we believe that impossible things are the ones which create the best enterprise and these firms not only produce a good work but also have a human profile which is indispensable for them to be distinguished from others. Every one of us is unique, it is under this premise that Zaragoza is hidden.

What makes us different?

From now we have spoken about us, but if you don’t know already what we are doing, you will be surprised. Indeed this is exactly that we are dealing with: doing things that no one is doing, impossible tours which has become reality, original ideas which can be made in other sites and that no one dare to do, we jump into the pool but we know that there is water, we are brave but we think a lot about things before doing it. All that because we know that Zaragoza has a lot of opportunities and we believe that visiting a city has to be funny, that it teaches something to the visitors and this contributes to give a better image of Zaragoza.

About us

At Zaragusta we are dedicated to showing you the heritage of our city in a new and different light, we want our tours to become experiences which surprise the visitor whether it is your first time or if you know the city like a native. If we can achieve this then we will have achieved our aim at Zaragusta.


Muro de la Parroquieta