Hidden Zaragoza

A different visit that we make every Saturday at 19h (winter time) 20h (summer time) with departure from the Church of Santa Engracia. The Crypt of this incredible church will serve as a starting point for us to discover surprising stories that not everyone knows. We will go back to the time of the Christian persecutions in the Roman Caesaraugusta, we will talk about relics and murders, then we will visit Independencia to talk about underground villages, Puerta Cinegia will be the entrance to the Old Town where we will stop in Plazas with disappeared buildings such as the New Tower, others with charm such as the Plaza del Justicia, and then visit the historic district of San Pablo, and end up in the Hostel of Zaragoza where an Inquisitor lived who later made him a Saint. These and many more stories in almost 2 hours. Price 7€.

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