What is Zaragusta?

Zaragusta is an idea that has been made a reality. It is a nod to the city of Zaragoza and its heritage. It is a project that not only seeks to show the beautiful face of our city, but is also a way of looking at the streets, squares, churches, sculptures, restaurants, parks, bridges, buildings and people and discovering the make left behind by thousands of years of history.

Zaragusta is a play on the Roman and Christian names of the city (Caesaraugusta and Zaragoza) but also includes evokes the Spanish verb gustar (to like). We want to evoke the idea of you giving us a Like on social media – involving you in the tour or visit.

Who we are?

We are professionals with a combined artistic and touristic profile. Among our team there are graduates of both History of Art and Tourism. However, we believe that a degree does not make sense if you do not add the passion of believing in what you do, and although we are often called idealists, believing in the impossible is where the best companies are built from.; those that not only provide a good service, but also a human side, which is essential to differentiating us from other tour companies. Each member of our team is unique, and we embrace this in our tours. This is the premise under which we have created Zaragusta.

What makes us different?

So far we’ve told you about us, but if you still don’t know what we’re doing, we’re sure to surprise you, because that’s precisely what it’s all about, doing things that nobody else does;  providing seemingly impossible tours that we have made a reality and original ideas that work in other places and nobody has dared to do here. We jump into the pool but know that there it holds water; we’re brave but we think things through, because we know that Zaragoza holds many opportunities and we believe that visiting a city has to be something that is fun, that will help the visitor and that lets you take away the best image of Zaragoza.

About us

At Zaragusta we are dedicated to showing you the heritage of our city in a new and different light, we want our tours to become experiences which surprise the visitor whether it is your first time or if you know the city like a native. If we can achieve this then we will have achieved our aim at Zaragusta.


Muro de la Parroquieta