Mystery Tours

The city of spirits

One of our first mystery tours, in which we are expecting to go across the different parts of the city, where distinguished persons who have had a special relationship with Saragossa have left traces.

We begin with the Pilar Plaza to remember the martyr of the city who appear on its façade. Then, we will go over the plaza to arrive in front of the Lonja and talk about Goya’s grave and his strange history, indeed the famous painter of Fuendetodos had a relation of love and hate with the city which saw him took his first steps as a painter. Very close to this area, we will speak about the small horse of the Lonja, which hide a very special history which stuck to a photographer during more than 50 years, we want to give life to the spirit of this very special part of the city.

We are still looking for strange places and now it is time to speak about one of the most multifaceted figure of the city, the stop is in the bar Bacarach which name is associated with Sergio Algora who is a musician, writer, poet, among other activities. We will remind his spirit with some music. The next stop is the house of a Nobel Prize which lived in Saragossa, it deals with Santiago Ramon and Cajal. Near to that area, we will enter the tubo area where the Iberian Cabaret El Plata is shining and we want to pay tribute to Bigas Luna and his relationship with the city.

Pilar Basilica from the Roman Bridge

Hidden Zaragoza

A different visit that we make every Saturday at 19h with departure from the Church of Santa Engracia. The Crypt of this incredible church will serve as a starting point for us to discover surprising stories that not everyone knows. We will go back to the time of the Christian persecutions in the Roman Caesaraugusta, we will talk about relics and murders, then we will visit Independencia to talk about underground villages, Puerta Cinegia will be the entrance to the old town where we will stop in Plazas with disappeared buildings such as the New Tower (Torre Nueva), others with charm such as the Plaza del Justicia, and then visit the historic district of San Pablo, and end up in the Hostel of Zaragoza where an Inquisitor lived who later made him a Saint.

Santa Engracia Church