Weekend Tours

Thematic tour 

An option to get closer to Saragossa is with thematic tours, we have 5 tours made in order for you not to get bored at any moment.

With the first one we will move closer to the Roman Caesaraugusta, in order to do that we will remember the Roman atmosphere by getting closer to the Roman walls, there, will be waiting for us a sculpture which represents perfectly the Roman character presents in the city. It is the Augusta of the First Door, we will explain different aspects of the city thanks to this artwork and later in order to go deeper we will move closer to the Provincial Museum in which we will understand the day-to-day of a Roman from Saragossa.

Another tour which deserves a special interest is the one which refers to the mudéjar, an artistic style of which Aragon is one of the main example and that is why we didn’t want you to miss it. We will go deeper in this style thanks to the examples which can be found all over the city, even if we will focus on the Cathedral of the Seo and some of the towers which dominate the skyline of the city.

The path of the Imperial Canal of Aragon deserves a special attention, we invite you to go across it in different ways: walking, running or using a bike but with Zaragusta, besides that we will help you to discover a lot of places, for the moment we will present you only one of them to see if you have the bug, it deals with the area of the canal who goes through the plaza, indeed, it will surprise you to discover these natural areas and these parks as for example the Lineal Park of the plaza which will not leave you indifferent.

The leading figure of Goya couldn’t be missing in a thematic visit and it is certain that it represents all a tradition in touristic visits. However, we want you to see it in a different way when we will teach you the frescos in the Basilica of Pilar or when we will explain you the paintings of Camon Aznar Museum or of the Provincial Museum. It is sure that the genius of Fuendetodos (the city where he was born) won’t disappoint you.

Our last visit, not less important, is a generational conflict between two sculptors of our city, those are Pablo Serrano and Pablo Gargallo, both were not competing between them because they were separated by some generations, but their work of art is largely spread in the city. Help us to discover their large sculpture set and we will go deeper with their monographic museum. More information in the brochure Pablo Gargallo vs Pablo Serrano.

Basílica del Pilar

Meeting point: Roman Walls.
Horary: Every day
Duration: 2h.
Price: 25€ person.