Visit #Zaragozamagica

On the bridge of December we were able to enjoy an unprecedented route. #Zaragozamagica is a visit to the most mysterious places in the city. We started in the Museum of Zaragoza to discover an Egyptian piece, we saw some details of the Hispano-French Exhibition in the Plaza de los Sitios, we went down to the crypt of Santa Engracia, we passed by Puerta Cinegia and talked about the secrets that the Basilica of Pilar holds. Finally, we visited the Templar caves of the Tierra Maña Tavern where a mysterious drink was waiting for us.

If you want to share with us this experience with the help of the researcher Angel Briongos, please contact us by phone at 635 577 772 or send us an email to info@zaragusta, you will have a great time. More info on the event #Zaragozamagica

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