International day of Museums

Today May 18th the international day of museums is celebrated and we have a lot of reasons to celebrate it in the city of Saragossa. In the last years a large offer of museums have been incorporated to the city, starting with the Saragossa Museum, a jewel from the French and Spanish exhibition of 1908, and passing through those which are located in historical buildings as the Palacio de Sastago, the Real Maestranza, the Lonja, the Palacio of Arjillo or Pablo Gargallo. Others are promoted by the social work of Banks as Ibercaja with its newly Museum of Goya and before this Camon Aznar, the Caixa Forum which has given a new dimension to the huge exhibition in the city and also the buildings which can’t be unnoticed as the Pablo Serrano dedicated to contemporary art, an artistic field which until the construction of this building could be found only in the galleries of the city. There are also others which don’t take part of the conventional classification because of their topic or because of the diversity of their field, this is the case of the History centre located in the former convent of San Agustin and the original Origami Museum which is unique at international scale.

Museo Pablo Serrano
Museo Pablo Serrano

In this way the museums offer which had had an exponential growth can be valued, and that is why this is a good excuse to celebrate this day related to the interest of the city for culture. The only thing we have to do is to know how to sell the product during special opportunities at a national or international scale, convert it into cultural tours and huge exhibitions and that Saragossa became a cultural destination and not only a step-over which is only famous for the Pilar.

Our job consists in promoting the patrimony of the city and as we didn’t plan any activities for this special week, if you want to celebrate it with us click here and find the information you need.

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