Visit with Sanitas

In Zaragusta we like that all kinds of groups can get to know the city, in this case we wanted to bring our guided tours to elderly people with reduced mobility, and the truth is that it was a great experience. We start from the balcony of San Lázaro, on the other side of the Piedra bridge, where you can see a spectacular view of the city. Once you cross the river, you will pass by the Caballito de la Lonja, and then you will be able to see the wall of the parish church, one of the most important works of Mudejar architecture, then in the Plaza del Pilar we saw many monuments such as the Monument to Goya, La Lonja or the Town Hall, without forgetting the Basilica and its interior, to finish in the Fuente de la Hispanidad, a refreshing map of Latin America. An adventure without architectural barriers that we are proud of.

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